For GEA, it is of fundamental importance to keep a strong focus on the personal and professional growth of its junior people. After more than 50 years of activity, in fact, we've been able to build a cohesive group of around 40 exceptional professionals who share a set of distinctive ethical and professional values.


Who we're looking for

  • Talented young graduates, PhDs and/or MBAs and managers with several years of experience in forward-looking companies
  • Smart, “on the ball” people who are curious and intuitive yet concrete; goal-achievers; excellent at analyzing and diagnosing problems and creative in finding and implementing solutions
  • Exceptional listeners who know how to convince others of their ideas/positions; self-starters
  • People who are seriously motivated to become consultants and to problem-solve for clients without giving up their own convictions and professional ethics

What we offer

  • A stimulating professional context, working with major clients on challenging projects
  • Consolidated relationships of trust with some of Italy’s most important entrepreneurial companies
  • Interfunctional work teams composed of dynamic colleagues of varying seniority levels
  • Non-hierarchical relationships, direct client exposure, professional growth and apprenticing alongside more senior colleagues

Career Paths

  • Professional advancement based on skills/experience gained and projects carried out
  • Growing responsibility at each level of the development curve
  • On-the-job training, tutoring and periodic performance evaluation for proactive development in the field of your choosing
  • Participation in Executive/MBA courses at the most renowned international business schools with financial aid and the support of the D'Angelo Foundation, created at the request of one of GEA’s founding members in order to facilitate the professional growth of GEA’s junior talents.

Percorso di crescita


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