Internationalization support

International consultancy services, preserving the uniqueness of the Italian approach.

Italian roots and global vision

Despite our strong Italian identity, our vision is global supporting the internationalization processes of Italian companies and assisting multinational enterprises in cross-border projects.

In international projects we deploy professionals capable of seamlessly alternating between remote activities and on-site activities in foreign markets. This flexible and versatile approach has allowed us over the years to broaden our scope of action while maintaining complete governance over the applied approach and the quality of the work carried out.

Collaborations with universities and international interest groups

To understand and face the challenges posed by globalization and technological innovation, we have established enduring relationships with some of the most prestigious business schools and international working groups over the years. These collaborations keep us consistently informed about the latest trends and new managerial approaches, intending to find the most suitable solutions to offer our clients.



Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe


Harvard  Business  School

Harvard Business School




International Institute for Management Development




Institut Européen d'Administration des Affaires




Massachusetts Institute of Technology


What they say about us

I have been working with GEA, especially with some of their partners, for many years....

Andrea Guerra - Former CEO LUXOTTICA GROUP S.p.A.

What they say about us

GEA has been collaborating with us continuously since 1965. They have experienced all the phases...

Vittorio Merloni - President - INDESIT COMPANY S.p.A.

What they say about us

Our collaboration, which started several years ago, has given rise to a friendship and mutual...

Paolo Gualandi - President - COSWELL S.p.A.


What they say about us

Thanks to the soundness of the original ideas and values upon which GEA was founded,...

John McArthur - Former Dean - Harvard Business School, 1998


What they say about us

GEA has been collaborating with us since 1996. Over the years they have accompanied our...

Giovanni Rana - President - PASTIFICIO RANA S.p.A. - 2008

What they say about us

Our Group has been working with GEA for over 20 years. With the contribution of...

Alberto Vitaloni - President - UNICHIPS GROUP S.p.A. – 2006


What they say about us

GEA has professionally supported us in a serious process of rethinking the strategy and structure...

Francesco Rosario Averna - Cavaliere del lavoro e Chief Executive Officer AVERNA GROUP S.p.A. – 2010


What they say about us

A long-standing relationship with GEA that has helped us to grow with our entire family...

Marco Bagnoli - Chief Executive Officer - GRUPPO SAMMONTANA S.p.A. – 2011


What they say about us

Together with GEA we have grown our company in Italy and in many international markets....

Angelo Baronchelli - President - AB GROUP, 2015