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About us

In the midst of the ongoing revolution characterizing the sixth industrial era, GEA Digital proudly stands as the specialized business unit of GEA. We are more than a product of history; we are architects of the future. Drawing strength from GEA’s rich legacy, we navigate the complexities of the digital age with an innovative mindset.

As the world swiftly transitions into a digital realm, GEA Digital emerges as a reliable guide, leveraging its six decades of experience to lead businesses through this digital transformation journey. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by a team of digital professionals who bring expertise, vision, and adaptability to the forefront.


In the arena of digital transformation, GEA Digital pioneers a progressive approach. We not only adapt but lead, introducing innovative solutions such as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) as a Service. This unique offering allows businesses to seamlessly access expert guidance, strategic planning, and implementation, ensuring a smooth transition into the digital future. With GEA Digital, anticipate change becomes orchestrated transformation, turning the challenges of digital evolution into strategic advantages for our clients.

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Unlocking the potential of emerging technologies

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Our focus

In the heartbeat of our advisory excellence, we thrive on discovering and unleashing groundbreaking technologies and digital solutions. Our mission centers around revolutionizing company operations: fine-tuning the operational engine, elevating customer experiences, and pioneering the creation of innovative value sources.

Operational excellence

At the core of our services is a commitment to refining and perfecting your operational strategies. We specialize in optimizing the operational framework, ensuring every function operates seamlessly. Through meticulous analysis and the incorporation of cutting-edge solutions, we streamline processes, boost productivity, and guide your business toward peak operational efficiency. Our mission is to transform your operational landscape, making efficiency not just a goal but a defining characteristic of your business success.

Enhanced customer experience

Elevating customer experiences is our driving force. We focus on refining every touchpoint, ensuring interactions are seamless and memorable. Through careful analysis and the integration of innovative solutions, we enhance customer journeys, foster satisfaction, and guide your business toward customer-centric excellence. Our commitment is to transform the way your customers connect with your brand, making every interaction a source of lasting value and loyalty.

New source of value creation

Innovating new sources of value creation is fundamental to our approach. We specialize in identifying and implementing fresh avenues for generating value. Through strategic analysis and the integration of creative solutions, we redefine how value is conceived. This opens doors to novel opportunities, revenue streams, and sustainable growth. Our commitment is to transform the traditional notion of value creation, making it dynamic, adaptive, and aligned with the evolving needs of your business landscape.

In the realm of digital transformation, GEA Digital navigates a dynamic landscape empowered by cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, 5, the Internet of Things (IoT), and immersive experiences such as virtual (VR), mixed (XR), and augmented reality (AR). At the heart of this innovation lies our vibrant ecosystem, strategically curated with agile partners and solution providers. This dynamic network ensures that we stay ahead in a fast-evolving tech environment, continually adapting to the pulsating rhythm of progress.

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Our team

Our team comprises exceptionally qualified experts with deep industry and functional knowledge, bringing profound industry insights and unwavering dedication to every project. We recognize that the conversion of visionary concepts into tangible outcomes demands a fusion of vision and pragmatism.This is precisely where our expertise comes into play.

Foto Andrea Teja

Andrea Teja


Expert in Digital Transformation and innovation. Andrea has served as Chief Innovation and Digital Officer for a multinational healthcare company, bringing a background in military intelligence, startups, and extensive experience with a major consulting multinational. Currently leading GEA Digital, he guides companies through digital transformation and disruptive innovation projects.

Digital Advisory Board

In addition to the internal professional team, GEA Digital benefits from an Advisory Board comprising prominent figures nationally and internationally.

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Marco Iansiti

David Sarnoff Professor of Business Administration @ Harvard Business School

Marco Iansiti is a global authority in the field of digital strategy and, more broadly, in innovation and transformation processes, holding a professorship at HBS.


Maurizio Santacroce

Former CEO @24OREBusiness School

Maurizio Santacroce is a leader in the digital sector, with extensive experience in finance, marketing, and innovation. He has contributed to the establishment and growth of significant entities such as Omnitel, Lottomatica, Sisal, and Fineco Bank. His contribution involves bringing his vision and passion for change, aligned with emerging disruptive trends.


Tommaso Boralevi

President of federated innovation @ MIND

Tommaso Boralevi is a pioneer in the field of digital transformation, with over 15 years of experience in implementing disruptive innovation projects. He is widely recognized for his deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies and the startup ecosystem.


Tommaso Boralevi

Presidente di Federated Innovation @ MIND

Tommaso Boralevi è un pioniere nel campo digital transformation, con oltre 15 anni di esperienza nell’implementazione di progetti di disruptive innovation. È ampiamente riconosciuto per la sua vasta comprensione delle tecnologie all’avanguardia e dell’ecosistema delle startup.

Our innovation ecosystem

GEA Digital represents a network of strategic collaborations in Italy, Europe, and beyond, sharing our vision on digital transformation. This network includes entities and institutions focused on EDUCATION AND RESEARCH.

EIT Digital

European Institute of Innovation and Technology, an ecosystem of startups and leading companies.

Osservatorio Digital Innovation Politecnico di Milano

Research center, a reference point for digital transformation in the Italian territory.


Alkemy is a company providing IT solutions for the digital transformation of medium and large companies in Italy and abroad.


Porini is a Microsoft GOLD partner, specializing in creating custom applications and software.


Institute for Transformative Innovation Research is a multidisciplinary research center at the University of Pavia focused on transformative innovation.


e4life is an innovative joint venture established by ELT Group and Lendlease, developing devices based on e4shieldtm technology to combat respiratory viruses in environments.


Assarmatori is the national association of Italian shipowners, representing companies operating in the maritime transport of goods and passengers, port services, and related activities.


AnotheReality is a company with a decade of experience in creating virtual worlds and applications of augmented and virtual reality.