Distinctive approach

Excellence, practicality, and commitment in service of the business

Our commitment is excellence

GEA has always stood out for the quality of its services, leveraging the experiences gained in almost 60 years of professional practice and consistently investing in research and training for its collaborators.

A team of highly experienced consultants

We provide our clients with highly senior work teams to quickly identify problems and design possible solutions to implement, offering cost and time advantages for the client.


Strongly result oriented

Collaborating with entrepreneurs and top managers, we have learned that difference in a consulting project is not only made by good ideas but by the ability to translate them into tangible actions and results. We understand the organizational and cultural context of our client, to mitigate any factors that could limit its effectiveness.


No pre-packaged formulas

We work closely with our clients, adapting our approach to their specific needs, the project and organizational context. Each client is unique and our tailor-made solutions reflect this uniqueness.


Long-lasting and trustworthy relationships

Our ambition is to establish long-term relationships with all our clients. This drives us to be direct and clear, with particular focus to the quality of the service offered. Our clients know that GEA is synonymous with guarantee, professionalism and experience. We are by your side, always.