Areas of expertise

Consolidated expertise in key functional areas

GEA is capable of providing qualified assistance to its clients on the main challenges of business management thanks to a deep knowledge of operational processes and organizational dynamics, long with years of extensive exposure to key sectors and industries.

Strategy and development

We assist companies in redefining overall or business unit corporate strategy and developing medium-term plans

Our contribution extends beyond strategy formulation to often include its implementation, tailored to the major functional areas impacted.

This activity, carried out with great attention to the organizational and cultural context, aims to identify the most appropriate ways to maximize returns and minimize risks.



  • Strategic assessment
  • Scenario analysis and development of medium-term plans
  • Business planning
  • Master planning and assistance with implementation

Business and Vendor Due Diligence

This area of intervention concerns evaluating investment opportunities on behalf of private equity funds and developing business plans preparatory to opening capital to third parties.

One our strengths in this area is the deep knowledge of certain industries and the high-seniority professional model, capable of adding significant value to the evaluation process.



  • Business and Vendor Due Diligence in the context of extraordinary finance operations (mergers, acquisitions, divestitures)
  • Business planning
  • Business valuation
  • Support in the process of finding financial partners

Family Business, Generational Transition, and Corporate Governance

Our extensive exposure to entrepreneurs and family businesses enables us to address the key issues relating to corporate governance, family agreements and, more broadly, relationships between shareholders and top management with great confidence and professionalism.



  • Review of the governance model
  • Drafting family agreements
  • Rewriting bylaws, shareholder agreements, and delegation systems
  • Definition of entry and succession plans

Organization and human resources management

Our contribution in this area primarily involves redesigning the organizational structure in line with a potential revision of the corporate strategy or governance models.

This redesign may apply the entire organization or specific departments, extending to the evaluation of resources and interventions to enhance the skills of personnel.



  • Review or redesign of the organizational structure
  • Assessment of key figures in the organization
  • Development and execution of training projects
  • Design of remuneration and incentive systems

Go-to-Market Strategies & Internationalization

Our interventions in this area aim at optimizing go-to-market strategies in markets or channels already covered, as well as defining an entry strategy into new channels or foreign markets, starting from an assessment of potential, up to the development of a strategy and implementation plan.



  • Evaluation of the potential of new channels or markets
  • Research target companies to acquire in foreign markets
  • Review of the product range in line with the needs of new markets/channels
  • Assessment and review of sales models and organizations

Supply Chain Management

This is an area of excellence for GEA, where approaches and working methodologies based on extensive use of advanced modeling and simulation tools have been developed over the years, significantly expanding the scope of work and intervention.



  • Review of supply chain models, make or buy policies and purchasing logics
  • Redesign of industrial structures and distribution networks
  • Sizing and preliminary design of warehouses, evaluation of automation solutions
  • Review of manufacturing processes and production layouts
  • Assessment & optimization of last-mile distribution
  • Review and redesign of end-to-end Supply Chain processes and supporting instrumentation
  • Redefinition and creation of performance control models and tools
  • Support for logistics outsourcing processes

Digital Advisory

GEA, through the newly created GEA Digital division – link on page -, supports companies in the challenging process of selecting new enabling digital technologies to support their business, working with them in all phases of the process from the choice of the solution to its implementation .

The deep knowledge of the company, about operational processes and internal mechanisms – a result of GEA’s history – combined with the dynamism of a group of young professionals passionate about Digital, allows us to understand technologies with the greatest value for the customer and their needs, and the most effective ways to implement them.



  • Digital Discovery
  • Assessment of operational processes in terms of technological upgrade
  • Digitalization projects in general
  • Chief Digital Officer as a service

Administration and Control

This work area encompasses both the company’s control criteria and logic and the processes that fall around it.

The expertise gained by GEA in the various sectors and fields allows us to position ourselves as a qualified and authoritative interlocutor with respect to the various issues relating to company control and administration, identifying the correct dimensions to monitor and the most appropriate organizational solutions, process logics and technological solutions.



  • Design of management control and reporting systems
  • Design and development of budgeting, forecasting and planning processes
  • Improvement of administrative processes
  • Short-medium term financial planning and debt optimization