• slidebg Sempre al tuo fianco, anche senza pubblico

    Always by your side, even when there is no audience.

  • slidebg Buttiamo giù le montagne pur di arrivare

    We'd knock down mountains to get there.

  • slidebg Non siamo quelli giusti per una semplice spuntatina

    If you just want a trim, better get it somewhere else.

  • slidebg Siamo abituati a parlare al guidatore

    We are used to talking with the one in the driver's seat.

  • slidebg Ogni tanto serve pensare in grande

    Sometimes you need to think big.

  • slidebg Spesso la strada è durissima, noi ci siamo

    Sometimes the going can get tough, but we'll be there with you.


Founded in 1965, GEA has worked with Italian business and "made in Italy" companies longer than any other management consulting firm.
Looking back at the more than 1,000 partnerships we've created over time with our clients, we believe there are four key reasons to choose GEA:


In decades of work alongside entrepreneurs and top managers, we've learned that having good ideas isn't enough; you also need plenty of pragmatism and the ability to translate your ideas into day-by-day actions and tangible results.

We provide our clients with senior consultant teams whose combined expertise has been built up over years. Because we know that only real-world experience and mature judgment make it possible to solve problems in the quickest, most cost-effective way possible.

We eschew ready-made answers. Working closely with our clients and their organizations, we hand-tailor customized solutions to fit their unique needs, organizational context and working style.

In our long history we've taken on all the challenges of business management, both in ordinary and extraordinary times. We put our hearts into our work. For more than fifty years, GEA has brought true passion to every assignment it undertakes.